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Samatha pokemon trainer oc by AstroBoyGF
Samatha pokemon trainer oc
first pokemon oc with the help of Terrasmoon she helped me make my oc to be original. if you cant read the bio look i post it here:



Home town: Vaniville Town

Bio: She is a traveling wiccan who is also a healer. She is the oldest of the witch trio, formed by her younger sisters. White magic is her main forte. She is a Xerneas worshiper and is on a quest to find Xerneas and to sync her energy with it to form a bond. She does not believe on catching the life god. But more so have a spiritual firendship with it. With bonds with such gods she could bring harmoney to all pokemon and humans. Same with another pokemon of lore Diancie. Samatha only wishes to heal others and help with her spells and home made potions. On the other hand she is a semi well known contest cordinator along side with her sisters. In her routies she uses dances lessons to incorperate with. Her perosnality is motherly, soft loving and wise. Sam speaks soothly and womanly. Traveling she minus heals pokemon she gives readings with her crystal ball. Her pokemon help make and get her plants and spices along with other ingredients. The only mega pokemon is Venusaur.

Pokemon: Purlion Rapidash Venusaur Meowstic (female) Foongus Musharna Florges

I forgot to put in her bio the only ledgdary pokemon she will obtain is Cresselia due to the fact she later on in the story had to save both her sisters from a freakish nightmare. Where her Angora (the second youngest) and Tabitha (youngest of the 3) both were in danger. Tabitha who is a twitchling (young witch) is in a state of night terrors and Angora who is the hex manic (who worships Giratina) was trying to hex magic and used dream eater for it. Thus both of the girls got in a state of possessed where Darkrai took over Angora's Gengar to eat the dreams and drain both energies of the girls. Cresselia and Samatha go and save them and in fighting Cresselia got hurt badly to the point of faint. With one of her spare home made potions heals the dream pokemon and defeats Darkrai. With that Cresselia was in Sam's debt and tags along but not really captured either but is the only trainer that obeys her commands

tell me what you guys thing i really work hard on her again thx with help of Terrasmoon to tell me what is over used and such.

oh btw her mega stone for venusaur is worn on her forehead in a crown 
random sonic oc sketch by AstroBoyGF
random sonic oc sketch
i like to draw anthro art and sonic is another style that i really liked. plus i always wanted to see what kinda sonic oc i could make. idk thoughts tips?

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

Hi i'm your not-so-normal girl!^^ i LOVE the 1950's and if there is a way to go back in time and go there i would!^^ i love 50's music, dancing, clothing,and romance. Well teen puppy love, as my mother tell me! XD i love retro tv like astro boy, speed racer, i dream of jeannie, bewitch and many more!^^

I'm also a big anime fan! my fave anime is astro boy! he's really cool, cute and omg! i just love him!^^ and sailor moon and speed racer, pokemon, yu gi oh and ect. and i love manga too!^^


i draw anime, real life, disney,and other styles. i sing in Japaneses and i sing disney, and ddr. and i do animations as well here is the link to my youtube to check it out !
tell me what u like and don't like and plz rate and comment!^^


btw i watch american things too! like SNL, sinfiled, 2 1/2 men, simpsons, family guy, big bang theory and reba ect.

also i see american cartoons/comics like, spongebob, my life as a teenage robot, rugrats bat man, super man DC, marvle, ect.

i love all types of animals!^^ and taking care of them!^^ animals have loved me for some odd reson!^^ they always came up to me and there like pet me love me!^^ its cute!^^

i love lady gaga she is my idol! she teaches me how to be myself and love who i am and be proud of my music and art!^^ and by listening to her songs she open a new door for me, now i want to write music and make music video's too...but i want to show the world who kitty is and that i'm not afraid to be myself and not follow the crow and be different cause i always was ever since i was a kid. so lady gaga if your reading this, thank you you mean so much to me and other people! also i think you brought me out of my shell a bit too. now i'm not afraid to be my self!! and embrace the gifts that i got for this world! and i would love to meet you and sing with you one day!^^
hope u like my art!^^

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Current Residence: i live on the moon! XD
Favourite genre of music: rock pop jpop techno
Favourite style of art: my style
MP3 player of choice: song? uh idk....
Favourite cartoon character: AstroBoy, Naruto, Speed Racer All Tezuka Charaters
Personal Quote: Your heart is your personal journal....letting in and out people and thoughts...though out the ages


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